Why you should be dating your best friend

So I wanted to post about a topic this week that I feel gets overlooked a lot.

Is dating your best friend a good idea?

Some people say it makes perfect sense.
Why not date someone you already know really well and have some chemistry with.

Others might contradict that by stating that friends and romantic relationships should remain separate.

Some people will agree with this and some won’t at all.
But, I’ve found this to work out if both friends are open about things.

One technique or method I’ve told people is to see if you get jealous when someone is hitting on your friend.
If you it bugs you or you hate it when someone is hitting on your friend. Well, that might mean you have stronger feelings than just being friends.

In fact, if you’re strictly friends it shouldn’t bother you too much to see them dating someone.
If it does bug you in some what, then it might be time to wonder if you’re into your friend as more than friends.

Some of the benefits of dating your friend would be:

1) You two will always have fun when you do anything.
One of the reasons you must hang out already is, because you both have an awesome time doing just about anything together.

2) There is no awkward or extended time of having to get to know them like you would if meeting someone new

3) Most of your existing family and friends probably already know them or know about them. So, there is a higher chance they will approve of them or like them.

4) You get to keep your social group still and don’t have to impress your partners friends.

There obviously are some downsides too.
But, I personally feel the benefits outweigh the downsides.

So if you’re having issues finding someone.

Maybe you need to look right next to you to see a good friend, who could potentially be more than just a friend.

Maybe they could be everything you wanted all along… right there next to you.