Why don’t girls ever seem to like me?

Why don’t girls ever seem to like me.

I’m 25 I haven’t had or done anything with a girl. When I say anything, I mean it. No romantic relationship, no kiss, no sex. no dates, nothing. Being single all the time is still really depressing. If I’m honest, more depressing than ever. I’ve cried over it a couple of times. I have always been conscious about my lack of experience and now that a lot of my friends are marriaged or engaged and having kids whilst I have never even kissed a girl I am starting to feel left behind. I’m starting to feel like a loser.

Every girl I meet never seems interested in me. I don’t understand it if I’m honest. I am clean, well kept, intelligent, not massively overweight, dress quite well, I don’t drink or smoke or do drugs and I’ve got a stable job. It’s as if there’s something fundamentally unlikeable about me that women sense! Women have always relegated me to the “friend” category. Every so often I fall for someone I meet, then after talking to them it becomes clear that they’re not interested, some of them treat me like I don’t exist. I mean, am I really that bad of a person? It does make me feel really upset sometimes because I do feel like that no woman is ever going to want to be with me.

Okay brother hold up…. I wish you could see me reading this…. Maybe it comes from personal experience, or maybe from other women who have brought this topic up before.

#1 if you’re already saying being single is depressing… then you are doing this all for the wrong reasons.
Would you honestly date a woman that tells you she hates being single and she gets depressed? I mean people want to be with positive minded people. No one likes a downer or someone that seems sad. Maybe that’s why women don’t like you, because you come across as a guy who is either desperate. Or a guy that doesn’t seem very positive or happy about his own life..

So what if you haven’t kissed a girl? So what if you’re friends are getting married? So if they go jump off a cliff. Then are you saying that means you also have to copy them and jump off a cliff too? Really……?

The point is people meet everyone in different times and points of life. All you can do is be happy with WHO you are and HOW you are…. Then let the rest take it’s own course. That obviously doesn’t mean you should not do anything at all. What I’m trying to get at is that you gotta keep trying but stay positive at the same time. What really worked well for me was not giving a shit. I was positive and happy, but I didn’t give a shit when I met new people. I could care less if the girl was super hot or not. In the end it drew women in more close to me, maybe because I had nothing to lose.

TO be honest most of the times I go out, I don’t plan on dating or impressing a woman. It should happen by itself if we run into a good convo. And, if it doesn’t, then I’m not gonna force it. I get the feeling your pushing things a bit too much. Also, because you “look” good doesn’t mean you’ll always do well. Think of your personality, how would your friends describe you as? Women look at how you talk, do you have a good sense of humour, can you take a joke. Or they look at your bank balance, as I have seen many gold diggers in my time.

Either way my advice is to see what you are doing wrong. Either you come across as not confident, or not interesting. And, that my friend makes a huge difference when we meet people. I personally would say start to be happy being single. If you can win that battle, then half of the battle is already won.

Remember… you don’t NEED someone to live. You have lived 25 years without someone…. so you will survive another year and so on. Don’t take relationships as something you need, but as something that comes up and you decide it’s the right fit. Many great couples meet by not expecting to meet the other person. It happens and the chemistry takes off when they least expected it. So take it easy on yourself and let life play out….. Things always happen for a reason!