Why is he ignoring me, acting like I am a stranger after our breakup

My ex and I were best friends for over 5 years. He decided to breakup by saying he wanted to get to a better place “financially”. I was understanding and mostly because he wanted to still be friends He said he was not ready to date or for any other relationships because he wanted to focus on himself. Fast forward to 3 weeks later, he was dating the girl at work. I decided to cut contact, but was constantly bombarded by pictures of him on social media. I blocked and deleted him now. Him and his coworker broke up after a month. but yet I am so confused by whether the relationship between us meant anything to him or not? Did those 5 years mean nothing to him ??


Really sorry to hear about the breakup….

Don’t feel too bad or down about him ignoring you or at least not reaching out to you.

People also are more full of emotions during a break up, and the right thing at that time seems to want to stay in touch. But, as the emotions settle down after a week and the possibility of new relationships spark up. That can tend to change feelings, and bring up those exciting, going out there dating someone new feelings. He probably started feeling that and started to pursue them.

At the end of the day as hard as it is to say or hear. He just lost interest in you and wanted to see what else is out there. Maybe he was bored, maybe it was nothing related to you. But, something made him say it’s time to try something else. It doesn’t mean he did the right thing. Many people “think” the grass will be greener on the other side. But later realize it was not true and regret making that move. He might regret it too, but at this point you should move on too.

Men also sometimes have a way of showing this, but not in the open for people. He probably is hurting too in some form or fashion. He just isn’t showing it like you are, and maybe him dating someone else is partly showing it too. I would say he really checked out of the relationship awhile ago and this is more of an official way of it going down. Doesn’t mean he never cared, but does mean right now he has decided to move on and leave his feelings in the past.

Just remember, this is normal for a breakup. People tend to break all contact and cut each other off. It is what makes the moving on process easier to deal with and get through slowly. Don’t feel bad about it, but embrace the fact that the relationship is over and you also too get to move on now.

You did your best in the relationship and that is all you can say at the end of it. There will be someone who likes you for you, and won’t be in the mind to ever leave you or move on to look/find someone else. This guy just was not the one!