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Would a Taller Boy Date a Shorter Girl?

So this week I got an email from a girl, who seems like she is insecure about her height.

I am 4’11 and I am curious to know if a 6’5 would ever date me?

Well first off the answer is…. it depends!

All types of women like different heights, and the same goes for men. I personally don’t care about height as much though, if I did have to choose I’d prefer taller women. And by that I mean women who are tall as me or taller. But, I have friends that would never date a girl taller than themselves. She has to be shorter or the same height. I also know of men that are super tall, but would never date a short girl. It all comes down to preference and everyone usually wants something different than another person.

In your case there WILL be guys that find a 4’11 girl attractive. I’ve seen a lot of tall 6 foot and higher men date VERY short women. I think once again a lot of it has to do with personality and looks. And looks can mean how your face looks and not necessary what your height is at. But a lot of people just click and have chemistry together, so they decide to hook up rather than give a crap about height.

If you’re looking for a guy that’s over 6 feet, then you’re looking for a guy for the wrong reasons. It shouldn’t matter if the guy is a giant pole to you or a guy that’s 5’6. What you SHOULD be looking at is how you feel with the guy, if you have a fun and enjoyable time with him and that he also feels the same way about you and when he is with you.

So rest assured that there ARE guys out there that like short girls. It’s just a matter of finding ones that also like shorter women.