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Is staring at girls feet normal?

So this week I got an email about a girl who had a behavioural question about men and women’s feet.

Today, I was in my class and my feet started to feel tired. So I slipped off my shoes. I wanted to put my feet up on the empty chair in front of me by since I normally wear dresses or skirts. Anyway, I was taking note and notices a lot of the guys in my class staring at my stockinged feet. There have been occasions where one or two guys, usually older men, would peek at my feet when I play with shoes on the bus, but not as many as I saw today.

Is this normal for guys to stare at our feet? I understand staring at my legs, but I’m questioning staring at my feet?

Personally, I do look at feet, but not because I am crazy about them.
More because I like girls that get manicures and pedicures. It just makes them look clean, detailed and pretty.
So, If I see a girl has her feet clean and nicely done, I know she takes care of herself.
But in no way would I start licking her feet or anything crazy like that….. that is a bit out of my element.

There are however some guys that are into foot fetishes. So, they might kiss or chew? on feet. It’s not my thing, but I know guys who have confessed to having foot fetish. In fact there are lots of women, that are also into foot fetish. They have to have clean soft feet, the nails always have to be done and hells are important to them.

Also, some guys will look at feet to see if the girl is wearing heals. So men want to see if the girl is tall or if she has heels that make her look taller than she really is. Another thing could be that your feet were really smelly and the guys stared around to see what was stinking up the classroom! So, I hope you don’t have smelly feet, yikes!

I also have heard that a girl’s feet give off pheromones, and there are guys who are in tune with this. I don’t know if I believe it for myself, but hey it’s possible I suppose.

But at the end of the day don’t drive yourself over why guy’s were/are staring at your feet. It’s probably a good thing they are anyway, I mean it’s better to look than to totally ignore you right?