Should I give up on this guy?

Hey K3n!
So this guy and me went to the movies Friday night, body language was meh (like he doesn’t show emotion much in person) and i just felt like there wasn’t much of a spark from him

i was into him a bit more than i thought… but i was saying to myself, especially during the movie.. i wasn’t going to text him (he hasn’t hit me up either) after that night and i felt kind of upset after being dropped off.

It was not as great as i thought, it would be and just feel super upset about it… I don’t know why, its not like I knew it was going to be serious anyway and just he was legitimately had all the characteristics, i want in a guy.

I’m trying to push through this funk and don’t like feeling this way, don’t want to give in my urge to text him. Have any of you gone through the situation before and what did you do to move forward?

Should I give up on this guy?

Hey Ms.IWantToMoveItForward,

I think the issue you really have is neither you nor he has cleared up the air.
The solution is pretty simple to be honest with you.

If he isn’t hitting you up, it also could be because he’s waiting for you.

I’d text him and just ask him where things stand. Just ask if he’s interested or not, and that you’re not sure.
But make it clear you don’t want him to waste your or his time. So he should just be honest with you.

I think that makes it pretty easy to know where you stand with him.
If he’s unsure or unclear it will come out, and you’ll have to decide what you want to do then.
I think the answer in that case would be pretty clear if you’re looking for something long term.

You could also be right, and that he didn’t feel the “spark”.
So he’s decided he rather not contact you. And, he might also think since he hasn’t heard from you that you also might not be interested.

Sometimes, I wish people would be more up front about things.

But, to best resolve unanswered questions…. sometimes we have to dig up for some answers.

So shoot him a text or call him and see where he stands.

And, then you’ll have an idea of what action you wish to take next.

Good luck!