She hugs my friends but not me?

She hugs my friends but not me?

I was talking to my male friend and this girl we know was walking past us and he went to give the girl a hug and she hugged him.
She past me and just punched/slapped me in the shoulder and I didn’t do anything or say anything to her.
Why did she do this?

I have seen this happen to many guys.

It’s one of 2 reasons.

1) She likes you, but can’t make physical contact because she is nervous. I mean think of a time when you liked a girl… weren’t you hesitant to hug her too. Not because you don’t like her, but because you don’t want to screw anything up. Some people have issues with physical contact when it’s related to people they have some sort of feelings for. I mean wouldn’t you feel odd if you hugged all your female friends. And, then it’s a turn for the girl you like a lot or find super attractive. Now you have to do the same for her and it may not feel like a real hug.

2) She doesn’t like you at all, doesn’t know you well enough to give you a hug, or she doesn’t see you as a hugable type of person. She doesn’t feel comfortable enough to give you a hug.
Either she didn’t know you well enough or she liked you.

I can’t say which it is for you…

She is either a jerk or she was subtly trying to make physical contact without being obvious cause she likes you.
In the end, all you can do is shrug it off and move on. Over thinking this situation is NOT going to help.

You also will need to look for other signs. Does she ever make eye contact with you?
Does she say anything to you when you two run into each other alone?

You can’t base it off one single event. But from my experience, there is a higher chance that she does like you.
So now try to find more cues and see what you can find.

If you’re interested in her, then I say go for it. You got nothing to lose in the end. I mean she barley says hi to you now.
It can’t get any worse right…?