Pressure to get Married due to age


I am a woman in her late 20’s now and I don’t know why. But, I feel pressured to get married soon. I feel like I need to find a guy now and push things. I always here stories of women having issues having kids later. Or they get old and it becomes harder to find someone. I’m freaking out a bit and am wondering when is a good age to get married and have kids ?

Hello Miss. Panic!

First off, I have to say is to keep calm and move on. Freaking out about age and marriage in the same sentence isn’t going to help you. Remember, everyone has a different journey. How/when you get married and have kids is going to be different than what someone else might go through. I’ve seen women get married as early as 18 and as old as 50! There is nothing wrong with either, I mean I saw that 50 year old still have a child believe it or not.

What should matter at the end of the day is you meeting a person you feel is right for you. And, also wants the same or similar things in life as you. If you go for that you’ll be much happier instead of rushing and finding mr.wrong!

Take some pressure off yourself and ease the stress down. YOU WILL FIND SOMEONE, believe me and most likely when you least expect it. So, don’t stress out about feeling older or getting older and not keeping up to your plan. It just might be that you won’t find the right guy maybe till your mid 30’s ? If so, there is NOTHING wrong with that, and nothing wrong if you had kids in your mid/late 30’s. This in fact is becoming more and more normal these days. Especially for career women, who want to establish a good career before they start a family.

To add to another point, do you feel you really have found yourself right now in your life. Many people these days are not mature enough or just have not figured themselves out yet. They, have not experienced a lot yet to really be ready for marriage. They “think” they are till they realize later on they were not. That is coming from women who are in their late 30’s and them wishing they had spent more time to learn about themselves.

So give things a good thought and remember not to feel pressured or stressed. You have time and when it is the right time things will work out. Trust me!