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    Rejected Single Guy

So I got an email from someone, who “loves” her boyfriend’s personality, but hates his looks! I just don’t know what to do. My boyfriend is so nice to me and he’s SO sweet, and it just makes me feel like a bitch. He just isn’t that physically appealing. But I like him. I don’t […]
So this week I got an email where a girl felt rejected by her boyfriend because of his friends. I have notice something about my now ex all he cares about is his friends. I told him about it he said he cares about me and he said he hates seeing me mad. But then […]
So today’s post is something pretty much all of us at one point in time have gone through in our life. I got an interesting email from a guy. Have you ever begged your ex to come back to you and if so did you get rejected? I went to my ex’s house unannounced. I […]
So this week I got an email about a girl who had a behavioural question about men and women’s feet. Today, I was in my class and my feet started to feel tired. So I slipped off my shoes. I wanted to put my feet up on the empty chair in front of me by […]
So this week I got an email from a girl, who seems like she is insecure about her height. I am 4’11 and I am curious to know if a 6’5 would ever date me? Well first off the answer is…. it depends! All types of women like different heights, and the same goes for […]
So this week I got a question from a guy, who was unsure of asking a girl out he missed out on. He asked how a girl would react to a guy that barley talked to you in class. Made lots of eye contact, talked to others in class. But wanted to ask you out, […]
I get this a lot not just in emails, but from women asking for advice in person a lot. And it’s the same darn question…….. “Why does my crush stare at me?” Sometimes it’s not even their crush, but that person stares at them. Maybe, that person looks away when they are caught. And this […]
So I got a recent post from a girl who felt that there was a guy that likes her, and the fact that she also likes him. However, the guy has not or wouldn’t approach her. Okay he’s from my church and he’s 3 years older then me. I’ve known him & his family for […]
So one of our recently new readers sent me a problem he was having. He posted: I asked a girl out who was my friend. She said no and I’ve been in a depression ever since. All I wanted was to be with her. Nothings been the same and i dont know how to get […]
So I found a woman who asked me this question recently. How do I find a guy that will actually like me and not use me? My answer to it was actually quite simple. But some background information on this woman, she is 20 years old and felt like guys just used her for sex. […]