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Is it okay to Hang with peoples wives?

This week I got an interesting question from someone.

So I have an odd question. But I find at many parties I go to or friendly gathering. I some how end up talking to peoples wives.

Like today I was invited to a BBQ where I knew my friend and no one else. I took a seat and then two women were sitting both on my left and right. Next thing I know they are chatting me up and were having some really fun discussion on random topics.

Then after the BBQ I realized this happens to me a lot. I got to events and the women talk to me a lot and more so the married women.

Are people thinking im gay or something? The husbands don’t care since there is nothing sexual going on nor do I want anything like that…

but it makes me wonder why I am able to talk to married women easily compared to just general dudes? I kinda feel like there is something wrong with me? Shouldn’t be in more chats with guys since I am a guy too?

Well first off there is nothing wrong with talking to a woman that is married. In fact I think it’s a good thing especially if you’re not that great with women. It gives you a chance to talk to an actual woman without any restrictions or pressure. And, there is no pressure on the woman because she is married and isn’t interested in that way.

This actually happens to me too as I ask women out and many may be married. But, I find it’s a good way to CHAT with them and just get to the flow of chatting with women. Think about it, there is no pressure on you at all. You have absolutely nothing to lose by talking to them provided you are not flirting or hitting on her. Also, it depends on the husband too, as most guys do not find me that threatening or I know them and so they trust me enough to talk to their wife.

But remember to do it in a respectful manner you aren’t there to hit on them. But rather you are there to have a good conversation.

I don’t find anything odd about it and it just might mean you can relate more to women. Or, also that women like to listen a lot more and have deep conversations and maybe you are into that too. So that’s why you end up in this conversations with all these wives. And remember many of these wives want to socialize too. Just because they are married doesn’t mean they don’t want to talk to other men or have men as friends. And, now they CAN have men as friends since they are married and it gives off the sign off you can’t hit on me now.

So for new guys that can’t talk to women the wives is a good way to start and learn on how to talk to women. I find a lot of them actually like good conversations at least the non boring ones. Some just don’t like to talk at all and I find that a bit as a turn off. I mean how can you learn about someone if you can’t communicate with them right?

So to finish this off, yes you can hang with the wives and talk to them as long as you are respectful. It’s a good way to build up friendly relationships and get some practice socializing with others.