My guy friend is giving me mixed signals!

Hey, so I know this boy since high school. We became soon best friends. He is a very intelligent, sportive and funny guy. We used to help with anything eachother. Both of us were very dedicated at school and finally we both were accepted to Medical School. During high school he used to gave me mixed signals, used to told me how wonderful I was.

His sister is one year older than us and studies at the same school. She loves me a lot.. Everytime she sees me comes and gives me a hug.. When I try to tell her how is school going she says : ” I know everything, my brother told me about you..”

So my guy friend gives me a lot of signals.. Last times he huggs me a lot.. even one day he said in front of the class friends ” Lucky man who will marry you”

But there is this problem… a lot of girls want him… at the beginning he was accompanied with a student but everything last 3 weeks.. He stays with the hottest girls of the school.. and sometimes tells me instagram photos of other girls.

So i think the problem is this : I haven’t given him any signal because I want to be secure, but maybe he is trying to make me jelaous or see my reaction… I don’t know help me.

Okay Miss.ILikeMyBestFriend,

To start off it’s a bit tough to say if he is into you like that or not.
It’s a good sign that he has told his sister lots about you. At least you know he’s talking about you and has you on his mind.

As for him talking to a crap load of other attractive women. Part of it could be that it makes him feel good about himself.
Maybe he has never had that type of attention before and actually enjoys it.

I think you’re in a bit of a tough spot right now.
If you do say something it could either go well or get awkward.

Part of what he is doing seems like he cares for you as a friend. The hugs don’t mean much, I assume he hugs other women too.

I think one mistake you did make was not push his sister some more when she made that comment about her brother.
That was the perfect chance for you to push her to get more info out of her.
You should’ve asked her further questions to poke around to see if it was more friendly or something more.

In the end if you absolutely want to be sure then you will have to ask him or at the very least show some interest.
You also have to remember this could change your current friendship with him for good or bad.

Are you prepared for the best outcome of him dating you, or the worst outcome that things may get a bit awkward?

That’s a risk you take when you want to date a guy friend that you have known for awhile.

But remember one thing, there is no reward without taking a risk.
Thing of people that gamble, they take a risk when playing poker. They might have an amazing hand, go all in and win!
But, there is also the risk of losing it all.

You won’t know till you try, and if you don’t try you still lose.
Which really leaves you with the option of going for it.

Take a risk for once and go for it.
Just tell him straight up and see where it goes.

Otherwise, you may always be left wondering… “what if…”
Especially, if another girl starts dating him and beats you to it. There won’t be an easy 2nd chance for you.

You really have nothing to lose, as it will give you closure one way or another.