My boyfriend always hugs others girls and I don’t know how to tell him to stop ?


I need help answering a question. I find I get very upset and uncomfortable when I have my current boyfriend hugs other women. I don’t mind if it is a side hug, but many girls will give him a full on hug. Am I bad for feeling uncomfortable with this behavior ?


Thanks for sending us this questions.

The big thing you should also find out is if these 2 had a relationship before, or if the other girl wants to have one ? Then, you should be worried about the hug if say the other girl has feelings for him. If you know they are just friends and don’t hang out often. I wouldn’t be too worried then, as it is just a normal hug when we greet someone.

Now, if I turn the tables and was a girl. I would be okay with my boyfriend giving a side hug. If this is like a best friend or family member, then maybe a regular hug. But anything that is a hug that lasts longer than a couple of seconds I would be asking questions. Is the girl rubbing her breasts against his chest? Is the guy pressing his crotch inward toward her hips? Where is his arm placement? Is it around her lower waist? All of these are signs you need to look into.

Some people might see hugging being a more sexual thing if it is someone of the opposite sex. I personally, only hug people with a full on hug when I know them well enough. Or, if they are close family members where you care about them. If this girl is a total stranger or someone he barely knows, then yes it’s fine to be upset or think it could be weird.

So, I don’t think you are in the wrong for being upset. Personally, you should bring it up to him and let him know how i makes you feel. He can’t change things till he knows that it actually bugs you. And, maybe he is willing to change it up so it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable. It’s quite possible the people he hugs have their significant others who might find it weird and odd too.