Is it a mistake to be friends with my ex?

Do you think it is a mistake to be friends with my ex?

We dated for 3 months, broke up about a month ago. We’re just “friends” but still hookup a lot. I also still have feelings for him although he made it clear we will never get back together.
Is it a mistake to be friends with your ex?

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I’d say yes! It’s actually a huge mistake for the most part.

He has made it very clear to you that nothing will ever happen or progress any further. You won’t have a relationship with him again, at least not like you used to have before. So you won’t be getting what you want. And, why would someone want to chase after something you will never get. It’s a waste of your time! You might not see it right now because you are blinded by wanting him. But, after a few years you will laugh it off and wonder how you could’ve been so crazy over ONE guy. Trust me guys can come and go, what you really want is the right guy.

This guys obviously doesn’t care or does not realize it yet. You can’t wait forever and should seek out other guys. I don’t know your age, but you seems young and I bet you have a lot to experience yet. I bet when you look back when you’re 30 years old and read this post. You will get a great laugh and wonder why you were worried about one guy that couldn’t make time for you.

A lot of times to remain friends the breakup has to be mutual. I find that to be tough, because it is usually one side that wants out while the other doesn’t similar to your own case. I think ex’s can be friends possibly later on in life when they have moved on. At that point you’re at a different part of your life and the past doesn’t matter as much.

Also you said you’ve been together for 3 months. That’s a super short time! It’s not like you been with this guy for 3 years where you could say that you two did a lot. 3 months is still the honeymoon period where you are still getting to know each other. For all you know after another 3 months you might find out this guy isn’t so great after all.

In the end if you want to be his friend that’s fine. But you need to be sure you can just be friends without hooking up. And, that you’re able to still date or find someone else. If you find you still obsess with him or are still hooking up. Then, being friends isn’t going to be a great idea at all and won’t help you find someone better.