When should man back out from pursuing girl?

So everybody tells man should back out if girl is not interested. Agreed 100%.

But isn’t it also a responsible girl’s responsibility to let the guy know nicely if he doesn’t get it? Why is it so necessary to stick the label of being a nuisance to a guy who just genuinely thought girl is interested or choose to pursue his dream to have that girl?

How selfish is it to just make a guy responsible for everything? Why girls can’t be just a decent human being and understand that’s its also important to play their part to make it clear nicely to the guy, if nothing but just out of the respect to just another Human being?

So when should man back out from pursuing girl?


Well to start off I think it depends on the guys experience with dating. Most guys can tell right away before they even talk to the girl if he has a chance or not. That’s how a lot of guys know if they should waste time approaching or not. Also you need to look at other cues when you talk to the girl. Hold her hand and see how she reacts, if she pulls away then she isn’t that interested yet or at all. Look at all the suttle cues all the little things that you may normally miss or not normally notice. If she looks at you a lot, or goes out of her way to get noticed by you it’s a huge sign. I’ve missed signs like these many times before where a girl got close to me just for me to SAY something. I never did because I wasn’t sure why she did what she did…. So once you learn these little cues you’ll know which girl is interested and which isn’t.

You know I DO agree with you that women should be more honest and forthcoming. And, you WILL find some women that are very upfront and honest about being interested in you or not. I have had some women that straight up told me they aren’t interested. So I wished them a good day and went on with mines. No hard feelings, because no guy or girl wants someone that doesn’t mutually like them back. Those women are more mature and know what they want and they know how to not lead someone on. So it all depends on the type of women you are going after. Maybe the women you ask out are younger, less mature and less experienced when it comes to dating and knowing what they want. A lot of women just want to be nice so they don’t know how to tell a guy she isn’t interested. But like I said more mature women know what they want and how to attract or let someone off.

Don’t let this type of stuff bug you too much. After awhile you get fairly used to it and then it becomes a normal thing to deal with at times. So with some more experience this stuff won’t bug you anymore and let me tell you as you get older it does get easier. There are more women that know how to properly let a guy go or are more interested in meeting more people. If you ask other men and women they will say the same. Dating gets easier as you get older, but finding the right perfect match still remains to be tough these days.

If she isn’t texting/calling you back, if she makes excuses as to why she wasn’t responding to you or why she couldn’t hang out that weekend, she isn’t into you. If she makes some excuse like she isn’t dating right now, that means no too. She’s just trying to spare your feelings so you don’t feel bad or rather she doesn’t feel guilty for being mean. It’s all about the signs and reading what is going on and what it all means. Don’t ever over think it, but look at the small picture and clues. Or who knows maybe you get lucky and find more women that are straight forward. At the end of the day you gotta role with it and fight through all the obstacles even if it’s one where you are led on.

Wish you luck for next time!