I’ve been lying to my online boyfriend

Lying to my online boyfriend

So I’ve been lying to my online boyfriend. I’ve been lying about where i live, my full name, my social life and i act perfectly happy when i am not i have many issues.

Often we will ask each other how our day went. I’ll lie to him telling him i went out with some friends or something when I actually just crash at my place.

Am I a bad person for lying to him like this?
I’m just so ashamed of where I live and I actually hate my actual name plus I have no real social life.

My pictures are real. My personality is real. Please help! Should i just tell him the truth?


Hello Miss Liar Liar,

So you met this guy and said a few fibs.

I think the answer is pretty clear to be honest.. (pun intended). It’s just best to always be honest, and if you know you lied. Well tell him the truth about what you lied about. But, don’t forget to tell him why you did it.

I’m guessing you feel pretty insecure about yourself. Otherwise, you would not care about what others think of you. And, you wouldn’t h ate your name, but actually accept and be happy with the way you are in the end.

So let’s say you do in fact open up to him and tell him the truth. It may solve the issue with him and yourself and the relationship. But, it won’t fix the root cause of your problem. And, that is the fact that you are insecure about your own self. This is something you really need to work on. I’m not sure how old you are, but I am assuming you are in your 20’s still. If that’s the case then you still have a lot of character building to go through yet.

Some good advice would be honestly to get OUTSIDE some more. HAVE a social life, trust me it will change how you feel. You will suddenly feel like you can talk to random people and feel less secure about yourself. Instead, you will feel more empowered and more like you can lead social situations at times.

Insecurity comes from within and the best way to beat it is to face it. Men don’t like insecure women unless they wish to walk over them all the time. I’m sure this guy feel forgive you, but he may wonder if you being insecure is a good thing. He may be supportive and try to help you feel less insecure. But, it’s something he may wonder about as a relationship question. Learn to love and like yourself just the way your boyfriend does. When you finally accept all your positive and negative traits. It’s the best feeling ever to know you are content with yourself to some degree.

So bottom line tell your boyfriend the truth, and start working on your own life. Take baby steps and slowly work towards increasing your social life. Also, don’t forget maybe you think your name isn’t that great. But, he might find your name fascinating. You have no way to know, because he doesn’t know what it is, and if he does really care about you. Then, he won’t care what your name is because he will love it no matter what it is!

Wish you the best of luck!