Should I just start acting different towards him or just leave?

Should I just start acting different towards him or just leave?


Hello, I am looking for some advice, and I’m super confused right now!! It all started when My boyfriend lied to me about not having any gas money to visit me. I created a fake Snapchat account and added him awhile back. I know snooping is bad, but I had a feeling he was up to no good. I tend to see all his snapchats as a random user and he doesn’t know it’s me so I viewed this snapchat and many others. In one of his snapchats I saw him putting gas in his car. He pissed me off when I saw the snapchat, he said he barely had none. But, yet on Snapchat he’s pumping gas away!

Then he lied about going to work when he told me he has to work. But, he woke up snapped himself chilling at home doing nothing. Later, I see he went to a baby shower in the evening. But, here he is telling me he is working all day. He then comes home and snaps me in his work clothes saying it was a long day at work?? WTF!!? He still doesn’t know I have a fake Snapchat account and can see his snaps! Now, I feel like maybe I should just leave him. Why is he doing this to me??


First off… breathe!

Take a big breath and relax. You’ll be able to think better with a cooler mind.

I know you feel bad about creating that fake Snapchat account. I get it… you had an odd feeling and needed some evidence to see if you were right or wrong. And, it looks like you might have caught on to something. From what I’ve read it seems like this guy isn’t always 100% honest with you all the time. The whole saying he’s going to work, but he actually doesn’t go to work has red flags all over it. The bigger question might be why is he lying? And, I hate to say it, but this guy just isn’t all that into you. If he was, I don’t think he would have any need to lie to you about what he does. A guy that has nothing to hide.. well had nothing to lie or hide from.

What you could do is approach him and call him out. Maybe not tell him that you are following him on snapchat. And, see if he confesses about not working and being at home. There could be a chance he has a legit reason. But you won’t know what’s up till you actually confront him about it. Watch his reactions to see if he gets defensive or if he is straight up honest about it. If he isn’t honest, I don’t think it’s worth your time to fight or argue. You are totally better off leaving him and putting in that time with a guy that actually is going to be honest.

Now, I don’t know how old you are, I’m assuming in college or uni. But, you’ll be meeting a lot of people, so chalk this up as a learning lesson. I’d delete him from snapchat and all other social media. Move on and find a guy that’s got the balls to tell you the truth. A guy should have nothing to hide if he is straight up. You deserve better so go out there and find that guy that also deserves you! Good luck fishing, the sea is full of men!


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