Is it okay for girls to chase guys?

Some say it’s 2016 and you can do whatever you want while some disagree and say that it’s unfeminine to chase after a guy.
What are your thoughts on this?
I personally think girls should chase guys if they want to and it’s unfair if they expect the guy to do all the work- be the first one to call, text, ask her out etc.

Well Miss IGottaChaseThem.

I actually agree with you on this and I think most men won’t mind it.

I hate to use the term “chase”, as it really implies a whole different thing.
It isn’t about chasing but approaching the guy first and not really caring about who does what, when and how.

I mean you could run behind the guys Screaming ‘I Love You give me Babies’? :p

But really,

Most guys don’t mind if a girl:

  • Asks for their number
  • Plans out a day
  • Calls of texts the guy first
  • Pays for some meals out

Personally you will start to notice men actually find it better. Why?
Because, it puts less social pressure on a lot of men who are already under pressure with our “lame” social dating norms.

And, there has been many stories where women were glad they made a move.
They senses the guy might be into them and went for it. If they hadn’t gone after the guy, then they still might be single and looking for Mr. Right.

Now, that also doesn’t mean you should be doing everything. If you ask the guy out to an event. Then, be sure you give him a chance to ask you out to the next event.
Better yet, let him know you’re interested in seeing him again and that’s the next one is one him.

That way you’re giving him the go to share the work load and plan out a 2nd date.
It also eases the pressure on him now since he clearly knows you’re still interested.

From a guys point of view, we also see it as the woman being really confident.
If she can come up to me and start a chat, well that just makes her stand out more than other women.

Most women will sit there and wait. But, you in this case stand out and seem different all because “you” approached the guy.
It makes you more appealing and would increase your chances of getting a date with the guy.

As a woman I know who said it so well “If you want someone, just talk to them and find out if they’re interested too“.