I’m seeing a guy who has cheated before so should I trust him?

He admitted that he cheated on his ex girlfriend once and she broke up with him. He says that he’s changed and would never do that again.
I’ve never been cheated on or have cheated on someone so I don’t know the whole situation.
I contacted his ex girlfriend on Facebook to know what her opinion is. She told me to stay away from him and that he’s a scumbag player.

He seems mature to me and we are really excited attracted to each other but I’m not sure if I want to continue with him or not.

What did you do?

Hey Miss. WorriedAboutCheater,

Well to start off, I’m not sure if contacting his ex was a good thing. I mean what were you expecting her to say? Good things about him?
Let’s face it most ex’s are bitter and wouldn’t say to many positive things unless the break up was mutual.

I think you really need to judge him for yourself.
Has he shown any signs that he is or would cheat?

Is he always on his phone or for cancel’s his plans a lot?
The problem you have with choosing this guy is you’ll have to analyze him much more than most guys.

You know he had a pattern before, so it’s a question of does he still have it.
From the stories I have read online or heard from other people.

Usually, if a person had cheated they have a higher likelihood of repeating it again at some point in time.
So look it this way, do you have time and/or other options.
If you know there might be someone else you are also interested in and he has a better track record.

Then, logically you should go for that guy instead of this guy.
I’d say it all depends on how strongly you feel about this guys.
Maybe also think about other options you have right now.

I think most women would say that you should move on.
But also keep in mind this guy had the guts to be honest with you. So hopefully he is more honest now than he was in the past.
It’s not easy to tell a girl you may like that you cheated before and messed up.

He could’ve basically left you hanging and never told you about it at all.
But, he went ahead and wanted to be honest with you from the start.
Listing your mistakes out to someone is never an easy thing.

And another thing, what was his reason for cheating?
That might explain certain things about him. Maybe the girl had something he didn’t like about her and he wanted out?

Also ask yourself if you have ever told a guy you met about any mistakes you ever made.
And please don’t say you haven’t…. you’re not perfect either nor is anyone.

In the end you’re taking a risk here.
You know he has cheated in the past so there is a track record for it.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean he hasn’t learned his lesson from it.

There are lot’s of questions listed above that you need to look into and that should answer your question.

All the best of luck with which ever route you take.