How to Flirt with Women – Flirting for Men

What is the best way to flirt with a girl at school? I’m a really shy guy so it’s hard for me to do something extravagant or anything like that but I’m really into this girl and I want her to realize it.

Hey reader!

So this week, I get an email from a guy who has trouble flirting with women, or ones that he really has his eye on.

Well to start off flirting comes with a lot of practice. You need to #1 start feeling comfortable talking to all and any type of woman. If you can’t do that, then there is no way you can reach step 2 just yet. Get comfortable with giving women hugs, getting close to them, making strong eye contact when talking to her or when you see her. Change your body posture and stand straight and tall. When you work on all these things on a daily basis you’ll notice a huge change in your own confidence.

Now with the current girl you like, if you don’t have any of the skills I posted above. Then the chances of you blowing this are much higher… does that add even more pressure now? haha
But don’t be discouraged! This is where you need to tell yourself if you want the girl. Then you gotta step up your game and fight the fear of being shy. Trust me, when you finally start opening up, it’s going to be the best feeling ever! And, bonus points if the girl likes you for well… you know… you!

So here are more easy tips that you should be able to apply.
Say, “Hi” and smile every time you see her
Look her in the eye and smile, that will make her realize what a cool guy you are. Most guys can’t stare a girl right in the eyes. But you gotta show her you can do it and you’re really into her.
If you do know her well… give her a hug. When I meet a new girl at the end of the day, I always give her a hug. If she doesn’t give me one, I tell tell her to give me a hug and I don’t think any woman has ever said no to this day…. then again I know most of them did like me or felt comfortable around me. You seem like the type that also should have no problem with getting a hug from her. Physical contact is the best way to get closer to her.

Try those tips and see how it goes. Just remember you have nothing to lose, and you only benefit from this by taking action. Do something you normally wouldn’t be able to do and break through the barrier and fear of it all. Men each day are shy, scared and terrified of talking to women. So man up and do something most men can’t…. Talk to the girl, ask her questions to learn more about her. Hopefully she is interested in you a bit and will ask questions about you. See where the chemistry takes off too.

Wish you the best of luck!

Go for it!!!!!