How do men normally act if they’re cheating?


I need some major help!

How do men normally act if they’re cheating ?
I think my boyfriends might be cheating on me and it’s driving me crazy!!!

Any details help?

Hey, Miss.IThinkHesCheating,

So I decided I’d list some things that you should look for to identify if he might be cheating.
Now this doesn’t fully mean that he is cheating, but there is a high chance he is if he does all or most of the following.

Some guys get very defensive when you ask them where they’ve been, and they are suddenly very protective of their phone.
He might start blaming you for cheating to deflect the real issue at hand.

The guy will start to act very distant with you and become less available suddenly.
He might also become less intimate/sexually driven towards you, because those needs might be met else where now.

Suddenly, he doesn’t have time for you anymore and can’t make events you setup.
And, he also stops setting up dates and events with you too.

Some guys will disappear for awhile and won’t tell you where they went or who they were with.
And, they won’t answer calls or texts even when you know he should be free (eg. lunch break).

He get’s random calls at night or other times which he normally wouldn’t get often.
Sometimes, he smells freshly showered when comes home not his usual day to day smell.

The best advice I can give out is this….
If you FEEL and your gut is telling you that he’s cheating on you, then chances are he probably is!!
Sometimes you have to trust that feelings and vibe you get.

Good luck.