Help I’ve never had a boyfriend!

I’m 14 in November and I’ve never had a boyfriend what am I doing wrong?

Okay to start off I have to say… what? are you for real or is this a joke?

You are 14 years old, and at a time when having a boyfriend or not shouldn’t even matter. In fact I think in terms of your age and maturity you are not ready for a relationship. Any girl that has to ASK how to get a boyfriend pretty much is not ready for one. This is where you focus on other things like school, hanging with friends and doing kids stuff.

Sure it may “look” cool when other girls have boyfriends at a younger age. But, that’s because those girls have no idea what “cool” even means. And, it might be hard for you to get it to at this age. But once you get older you’ll look back at this and think it was such a silly thing that you asked/worries about.

Right now you can’t drive, you probably don’t have a job, to young to party and even watch a R rated movie. So, I think getting a boyfriend should be the least of your problems right now. Work on THOSE things first like getting a good education, which will lead you to a job and career you’ll like later down the road. And, learning how to drive so you don’t need a boyfriend to drive you around since you will be awesome enough to drive yourself around. I don’t think there could be anything necessarily wrong with you, you could be perfect and still be single. So this has nothing to do with you being bad in anyway.

What it has to do with is that you’re thinking about this in the wrong way. Let’s face it guys and girls come and go on a daily basis, what should matter is you being happy with you and not needing anyone. That’s the point of relationships is not to get into them because everyone else is, or because it seems cool. But, more because you are ready to date someone and mature enough to handle it. It’s not a game or something that’s easy at all. Younger people think it’s super easy, and that’s why most relationships at a younger age never work out.

I can’t tell you what you can’t and can do. But, I will say is that you have NO need to worry about dating right now. It WILL happen at some point so just chill, relax and let it all unfold as it will later on by itself. Till then sit back, relax and enjoy life being a young teen. You can’t ever go back in time to enjoy the moments again and trust me when you get older you will MISS them a lot.

Good luck girl!