Why do guys only want my body?

Why do guys only want my body? So I met this other guy 2 weeks ago and I kinda liked him. And in that two weeks we only met 2 days and everyday we meet we have had sex. But the funny part is that everytime we finish having sex he always leaves immediately. I have asked him if he really loves me.. he said Yes. And he always tells me how body is good and how he loves my body… but I think he is after my body. I have never had a guy I can call my own, but I thought he was the right one for that place… Please help?

Well Miss. Body, I have to start off with thinking you must be very young. I think most women KNOW when a man only wants a woman for her body. In this case the answer is VERY clear, that I kind of feel it would be redundant to even post about it. But since you have asked for help, I will break it down into a few chunks so you and others can get a sense of it.

#1 This guys leaves immediately after sex, so that really shows he doesn’t care about you. I mean when you visit someone you like don’t you want to spend more time with them? Don’t you hate it when you have to leave that special person at the end of the day? But in this case he has clearly shown that you don’t really matter at all. If he genuinely cared about you, then he would hang out with you and ask you out to other events.

#2 He even told you straight up that she enjoys your body. I don’t think there is a clear enough answer to this than what he has said already.

#3 Girl really? sex after 2 days? I think you kind of asked and put yourself in this situation. No man will respect a woman that is willing to sleep with a man in that amount of time. How can you know about him or make a connection with him in less than 2 days? Most people takes months before they really get to know a person. And some even take longer than that leading into years. Which is why a lot of people marry after a 3+ long term relationship, because it does take awhile to really get to know someone well. I think when you made it that east for him he realized you don’t value your own self. If you did, then you would let him know that you aren’t going to give your body out like that to just anyone. Men will only respect you if you respect yourself, and you need to SHOW that to them.

#4 You seems very young, and what you should worry more about is your own life. Everyone wants someone to call their very own. But no one should ever be desperate or give up their own personal goals for a relationship. Be who you are and reach your own goals. And along the way you will meet a lot of men, which will give you an idea of what you like and dislike in a man. Till then don’t worry about finding someone and needing them. What you really need is to be happy for your own self. That should always be #1 on your list.

#5 Let the guy go and tell him it’s over. He may cry and whine because he will think you are easy to get back. But put your foot down and let him know it’s done and over with. You need this guy out of your life. After that as I said work on your own self. And sooner or later a guy that’s right for you will come by and want you for you!

So dump the guy, and move on with your life! You are better than that and worth it!


  • nothingmatters

    um first of all b, just because she slept with the guy after 2 days does not mean she doesn’t respect herself tf?!

  • Ashley

    I wouldn’t sleep with a guy after 2 days. The fucking guy could have HIV or some other shit. He could be sleeping around, it’s happened to me before. Guys are man whores!