Going to hell for having premarital sex before marriage ?


Do people really go to hell for having premarital sex with their partners before marriage ?

I’m very religious and scared to have sex before marriage. But, I know my boyfriend wants too. I also think I want to as well, but I am scared I’d go to hell and be damned if I did so. What should I do ?


Thanks for sharing with us and asking us this question.

Personally, I’m not super religious and therefore, it might be harder to answer this from a religious point of view. I think these beliefs were put in religions in order to maintain control of peoples behaviors. Think about it, if everyone went around sleeping with each other, and having unprotected sex back in the day. All of these diseases like STD’s, HIV and more would be spread like crazy. It would also stop people from having accidental children early on.

Many religions are also against drinking alcohol and smoking. But guess what, people still do it all the time. Drinking has actually become a social norm all over the world. But people still drink and go to church or visit religious sacred places.

At the end of the day, if it’s a worry about God sending you to hell. I’d think God would judge you on your heart, your actions towards the world. And what you intentions are towards others out there. If you’re a good person, I don’t see this being against anything. Plus isn’t god supposed to forgive someone if they ask for honest forgiveness ?

At the end of the day, if you don’t feel comfortable about it let your boyfriend know. He might not agree with you, and may also want to end the relationship. But, it’s something you have to decide for your own self. You control your own decisions, and I think YOU should be free to do whatever you please without having to worry about it.

Good luck with which ever decision you end up making!