Girls choose, super attractive and jerk or slightly ugly and absolute sweetheart?

So a girl brought this question up and I thought I’d post about it.

Girls, would you prefer a guy to be super attractive but is a jerk or a slightly ugly guy who was an absolute sweetheart?

My take on it is that girls will state that they would choose the ugly sweet heart, because that sounds better and socially looks better and they don’t want to look shallow in society. But the truth is most women would go for the attractive guy even if he is an assole. I’ve seen it happen over and over again, though not always but a majority of the time.

The reason might be that most attractive guys can attract women easily… at least at first. It’s when women get too emotionally involved with them that screwed them over. Now it become harder for the girl to leave, and he’s got the lady right where he wants her. You can’t imagine the amount of women that will not leave the guy even if he is a total jerk and douche. And all because they think they won’t find another guy that looks good or they will connect with. But, ladies… you are wrong! There are tons and tons of men and women on this planet, you are BOUND to connect with many people and not just one. Other people may see you two together and think it works out, because you both look pretty good together. Or maybe you can show off the guy to your friends until they realize he is a total douche and no one wants to talk to him.

For the less attractive men, it’s hard because let’s face it the 1st impression isn’t so good. For women in this case they need to get to KNOW the guy rather than take him for granted on a 1st impression basis. That means more work and it also means she can’t show the guy off as much to her friends looks wise. Others will always wonder what’s so great about him? He doesn’t look that great… but once they talk to him they will see why she has pickled him. And, people will pickup the awesome personality he has within him. It’s happened with many people I have met, where the guy or girl doesn’t look all that great. That is till you talk to them and realize they are such awesome, cool and fun people to hang with. And that takes away from any negative thoughts you might have made up of them.

If there is a tip I can give women from this topic it is that you should get to know a guy no matter how he looks. Let’s face it looks face and it leaves personality behind. So find someone you click with and not necessarily a guy that looks good. I say the same to all men as well. Looks are awesome, we like to see pretty and beautiful things/people. But in the end many people in the long run realize that looks shouldn’t matter. I’ve talked to older couples that say the same thing. Their wife or husbands looks are gone at age 35+, they have kids and the only thing left holding them together if there is anything is their personalities. The ones that don’t click from the start and marry due to looks. Well, they usually are divorced since they have nothing left to base their relationship on. So next time you’re out on a date…. really get to KNOW your date as a person, who they are, what they want in life and so on.

Ladies… feel free to comment below on your thoughts on this issue.