Figuring this girl out from college class?

So this week I got an email from a guy, who is trying to figure out a girl from his college class.

Figuring this girl out from college class?

I was walking down the hall last class and she was sitting with a few guys from class that I talk to a bit. And, I just noticed her and she looked at me then saw me and her eyes moved else where, then she looked back again. She never smiles, then again I never do either.

Now here is the kicker.. her stuff was next to my seat that I ALWAYS sit at already before I got to class. I don’t know if she did this on purpose or if it’s because her other class friends (I don’t know them) sat there before and so she sat there for that reason.

So what do her actions mean? or is it just me over analyzing stuff?

Well, I will start off saying if there is lot’s of repeated eye contact. Then it’s best to act on it though it doesn’t always mean the girl is interested. I’ve seen times where women will stare for other reasons. Maybe you are wearing something unique or that appeals to her. Maybe you have something on your face, or she was just glancing and made eye contact by accident. Or in one case, I’ve seen woman flirt even when they are taken. You also need to look at other signs, does he smile?

Guys should also learn how to smile, so to make it seems like you are friendly enough to approach. Some women get freaked out or intimidated if you don’t smile or seem as friendly. But the signs us men see are usually signs through body language. But I’ve felt that in the past sometimes you might see them and it still might not make sense. So that leaves you men with one thing left… to approach and ask her out. That is the only and sure fire way to know what she thinks/feels of you.

Let’s face it these days most men still have to approach, although I like it that more women are starting to make approaches. I think it makes it way easier for men since they don’t have to deal with all the rejections and hassles. But, as men we have to accept the fact that sometimes we may see some clear signs and we have to take action. In your case, I feel that you should go for it since she is making lot’s of eye contact. A woman that isn’t interested will avoid eye contact and being near you.

It also depends on the girl too since some may be shy. In that case she might not smile or just glance here and there till she gets caught looking by you. I personally find it a bit risky when asking girls out in class. If you have a small class you might have to see her all the time if you ask her out and she flat out declines. But, if it’s a single class and you won’t ever see her again. Then you have nothing to lose by asking her.

Another fun way is to play the “note” game. Pass notes in class to her by sitting next to her and playing games. I mean who doesn’t want to play tic-tac-toe!

So, I hope some of those tips help out for next time.