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Frequently Asked Questions

More About K3N

  • What is this website about?

I started this website or blog to post and give relationship feedback and advice.

You ask the questions, and I provide some answers.

  • What makes this relationship blog different than the other millions out there?

Sure, you could read the other billions of relationship blogs. But, I noticed a lot of them cater to issues THEY want to talk about. At our blog we only talk about problems YOU have encountered or are going through right now. This blog and website is all about our READERS and is here to help all of the readers out.

Sure some people will glance at the posts and realize they are going through the EXACT same situation. And, that just means it’s going to help people that would ask the same question you have asked us.

  • Should we take the advice literally?

Everything, that is posted on our website here is as is stated “advice”. It doesn’t mean you have to follow what we say or suggest. However, it gives you another option to solve a problem or gives you a different point of view of the problem.

A lot of times we get so stuck up looking at it from our point of view. That we end up forgetting that if we look at things from a different angle, we can gain better information as to how to handle it or understand the problem better.

  • Why are there 2 sections (Blog and Stories)?

The Blog section is for posts that are more about me, or things that I want to talk about and share.

The Stories section is all about you the readers. It looks at the problems you have emailed me, and me sharing some insights on the issue(s).

More About K3N (The Relationship Advisor)

  • Why is your name have a “3” in it? 

I never planned on using the name K3N.net with the name Ken. But, one day it just clicked and I thought it would be really cool to use as a name.
Also, it’s super easy to remember, I mean all you have to remember is the letter K number 3 and letter N.


  • Is your name really Ken or K3n?

Who knows… maybe it is and maybe it isn’t?
This is the internet after all…………………….

  • Will will Barbie join you in giving relationship advice?

At the moment I am single right now since Barbie and I had a tragic breakup.
I’m sure she will come around and we will make out, then follow that with another make out session. Then follow it up with some cuddling and then calling ourselves exclusive once again.

  • Are you sexy, hot and good looking?

Hell yeah!

  • I’d like to stalk you. What are my options?

Well if you got real skills then stalk all you want. I love to play hard to get *wink wink * nudge nudge
I’ve creeped out enough women in my time and been stalked by a few too.

  • I’m a guy and I think I am in love with you (no homo, no homo)

It’s okay bro, I know it happens quite a lot. And with the no homo fact, I think I can sleep safely tonight.

  • How old are you?

Somewhere between 20 and 40.
Maybe, I will have a guess my age contest one day!

  • Do you date a lot?


  • Can I marry you?

Totally!   Love is love!

Okay… not really. As my friends say “He’s a got to know you first kinda of guy”.

  • Why does your picture look like the “Ken” doll?

I thought it would be funny. I found the picture idea by accident when searching for Ken in a Google images search.

I found the picture and just had to use it. But, no the picture is not of me.

Random Stuff

  • Who did your site?

It was a design made for many website, but we tweaked it up a bit to suite our needs.

Email:  [email protected]

Twitter:  Coming Soon

Facebook: Coming Soon – All our writers can post to this page, so please allow us to keep our personal pages for our families and  friends. We love you, but not THAT much:-)

Got a question you don’t see here?  Leave a comment and we may just add it to the FAQ.

Or you can email your questions to us -> [email protected] with the subject “FAQ”