My ex sent me a friend request, should I accept it?

My ex sent me a friend request, should I accept it?


Hello K3n,

My ex sent me a friend request, and he was pretty mean to me at the end of our relationship. He also did a few things that were really hurtful. But, in a weird way, I feel bad about how things ended. Should I accept his friend request even though things turned our bad? -Lisa



Hi Lisa,

In my opinion you should never add an ex back unless you are over them. In this case it sounds like you are not fully over him or how it all turned out for both of you. The right time to add him back is when you have moved on from everything. And, even then at that point you may not need or want to add in back into your life. It’s simple…. because you have moved on at that point in your life.

Think about! Will adding him on Facebook really make things better? Is he going to apologize and magically fix things? By adding him are you telling yourself you may get back with him again? What’s the purpose of adding him back. Sure, things turned our bad. But will adding him back solve everything that took place?

You feel bad now because you feel the guilt for it. You feel there might have been something you could’ve done to fix the issue. Maybe you think some how things will blow over and you can finally become friends? Truth be told, sometimes you need to leave the past where it is and move on. You both found it didn’t work out and each took their own new path.

So in the end you best bet is to leave it and move on. Delete his friend request and tell yourself there was a reason you two broke up, and why it didn’t work out without feeling guilty for anything. Neither of you did anything wrong, it just simply did not work out.  So lay off the guilt, hit the delete button on him and look forward to a better future. Relationships come and go, it’s all about finding the right fit for you.