Do women hide that they like you?

Do women hide that they like you?
Or will you try and hint to him you’re interested. What do I need to look for when girls are hinting?

Well what I learned is there is no 100% fool proof way to know without asking. And even then she might not tell you the truth.

So how do you know?

Well, you really need to match up many things together and see if they all add up and make sense.

Body language is important!
Is she making a lot of eye contact?
Is her body usually pointed towards you?
Does she take out her phone while talking to you?

The other thing you need to look at is how she talks to you.
If you talk to her, what is the tone of her voice? Some women get nervous and choke up on words or use very little words at all.
Does she also ask questions back and seems interested in learning about you? Shy women may not ask much until they get more comfortable with you.
When she talks to you does she make eye contact? Or do her eyes wander around else where?

In the end, the best way to know is to suck it up and ask her out. You’ll either get a good response, or totally get let down. But, at least you tried and went for it. I’ve seen way to many guys miss out on women that they “thought” maybe liked them. But, the guys didn’t see any signs and were wrong all along. When in fact those women did want to get asked out.

So my personal advice is to care if SHE is interested. But care more about if YOU are interested. Go for what YOU want, and don’t sit there wondering if she wants you back. It’s the same concept during your normal daily activities. You do something because you wanted too. So why not apply the same mindset with women?

So overall, as important as body language and vocals can be in terms of knowing if a woman is interested or not. The best way is to just go for it and hope for the best.