Do guys avoid the girl they like, when they realize they have feelings for her?

Question of the week!

Do some guys ignore or avoid the girl they have been flirting with, when they realise that they have started develop deeper feelings for her?
Why is that?

You know oddly enough I have seen this happen to my friends…. A LOT!
I think guys try to play it cool or safe, because they don’t want to seem all desperate or throw all their cards on the table right away.

Another reason might be that the guy is a bit shy. So he doesn’t know or want to come across as liking the girl. In fact it’s easier for him to ignore the girl so he doesn’t have to come to terms face to face with his emotions. He just doesn’t know how to react to her actions, words and moves.

Some men also do it because they don’t know if the woman likes him back. So he tries to hide his feelings and actions. He wants to be 100% sure she likes him too before he opens up. Think about it from your own point of view. Would you tell a guy you like that you like him… without at least some what knowing as to how he feels about you? Probably not right. It’s the same for men, since men have it tough with rejections or at least accepting them.

I personally did this a long time ago too. The main reason is that we are scared of being rejected and staying away from that gal is a good way to get away rather than being hurt. But, a lot of men lose out this way, because lot’s of women assume the guy doesn’t like them. So they move on and the guy is left wondering why he never said anything at all.

So I think what you need to do is find out if he is a shy guy, or if he is just playing it cool. That will give you an idea on how to approach the situation. But, I say if the guy can’t show you sooner or later that he is interested. Then you need to back off and move on to someone else who is able to show you how he feels.

And, also don’t forget girls do it as well to when they get serious feelings for someone they would just end up running away from them. It is a normal instinct and feeling or reaction for some people. I think as people grow and mature, as well as become more social. The scaryness goes away and people don’t have a hard time expressing how they feel.

I always say if the guy or girl isn’t mature enough to show you they like you back too. Or they wish to hide it, then it’s their loss in the end for playing it too safe.