Dating by Zodiac Signs

Do girls really take the zodiac signs seriously? I mean does these signs really matter when dating?

Personally, I’ve never met many women that actually cared about zodiac signs. Although, yes some of them can be VERY obsessed with them. Then again, that’s just normal in this world. You can’t expect everyone is going to like or enjoy the same thing as someone else.

Most people these days don’t care about zodiac signs. This was something that might have been popular when zodiac signs first came out. But, I think people have slowly started to realize there probably is no sense in it. I mean do you really believe a bunch of stars decide how we react?

What if my family and friends were killed when I was young. And, I become some angry, grumpy and aggressive guy. Would my stars really decide how I act or I am? Or would it be all of the life experiences I’d have gone through that shaped me into who I am today?

I guess my point is that you should look at it in a “fun” way. I personally have no issue when women throw it in for fun. But, if someone were to say that a zodiac sign is a deal breaker. Well….. that woman is getting her name scratched off the list.

One final advice and opinion. If a girl does think of zodiac signs and you don’t. Then you KNOW she isn’t right for you at all. Go for what YOU want in a woman. That will keep you happy, and hopefully she wants the qualities you have as a guy that she wants in a guy. Only then will you both be happy with each other, and have a worth while relationship.

All the best Mr. Anti Zodiac!


  • francesca

    I do think people display certain traits of their sign and that also applies to the Chinese zodiac try to find your inner karmw

    • K3N

      Hi Francesca,

      I totally agree with you there.
      Often, I also find people display certain traits related to their sign.

      I have yet to see someone not display them. I think people shrug it off, but when you learn the inner them. You see that those traits are not that far.