Courage to ask women out?

What should I do if I can’t get the courage to ask women out?

It’s my university gym and the semester is over. Anyway there were these two girls working out and one of them started using the pull machine next to me while I was using the second one. After I was done I went over to a different area to workout and she came over as well a minute or two later and sat really close to me to do her exercise. The whole time we were stealing looks at each other so I felt like she wanted me to talk to her but I was too shy and nervous to do it. I realize if I can’t do it in that kind of situation then I’m never going to be able to do it. I’m just wondering what alternatives I have for getting a girlfriend?

Well Mr.I’mShyAtTheGym,

I’d say it really depends on the situation, because you could be playing into this too much. I wouldn’t say her attending a machine near you and looking at you means much. She could easily be looking back at you because she noticed you looking at her.

The only way I could say she is “gym stalking” you is if she followed you to every machine. Or if she actually approached you at any time.
Some people think the gym should be left for training and nothing else. My personal take on it is the gym and every other location is or should be fair game.

I bet you won’t be seeing her there all the time. So in this case you would have to take some form of action. My take is for next time just tell yourself to say SOMETHING. In this case all you really had to do or say was “Hey”. And strike up an easy convo… maybe laugh at the fact that it’s never been that dead at the gym before.

If you have anxiety issues or just aren’t the best at starting conversations. I think you should try checking out meetup events, or visit clubs at your Uni. There are also classes and seminars that help or put you in action with having to make 1 on 1 convo’s with other people. You’ll soon realize it’s not that hard after all. It’s all about confidence and actually WANTING to get to know people. Once you can get past the “this is scary” part. It really becomes more natural and easy to do. Technology has kind of phased us away from actual real life interactions. So, it’s become something that we all struggle with in the new era.

If you’re looking for other alternatives in terms of meeting people. Try dating websites, they are a great way to get better with making conversations with people. Hang out with a different social circle. You will be able to meet people through other people. In the end YOU have to take some sort of ACTION to break this barrier. It won’t fix itself on it’s own. Now the real question is are you willing to do something about it?