How can I convince my parents to let me date this guy?

So to make things simple and short, back in the day my uncle got into an argument with this guy and the guys family beat up my uncle and then my uncles family beat up that guy.

Both families would fight each other, set each other up. It went on for a long time.

Recently, I met this guy and we like each other a lot. I met his family, he met mine and we were so in love.

And then my uncle asked him if he knew a man name John, which he did because John was his dads name. A
Now everyone is mad and said we cannot date anymore. His dad also has said that we are not allowed to date any longer.
And I guess he didn’t want to upset his dad so he broke up with me. I am so sad I can’t believe we had to breakup for such a stupid reason.

I don’t know what to do any more? Help me!

Well Miss Drama.

I have to say you have a lot of family drama going on. Unfortunately, you’re caught in the middle of it now and getting out might be hard. I’m not sure how old you both are, but if you’re both quite young or in your early 20’s. I’d say take this one as a lesson and move on. The hassle you will end up with is not going to be worth it in the end. It’s not like you have spent years with this guy?

How do you know this guy is “the one”? If he was or you were certain, then I’d say it’s worth fighting for. But, based off what I am assuming with your age and dating experience. I don’t think this is a fight worth fighting for or losing your family over.

I have seen many friends that were in the same position as you. And, I found a majority of them found that it didn’t work out early on. They eventually found someone else that their family and friends also did approve of and liked a lot. And, next thing you know they were happy overall. They found someone they loved a lot, someone that cared about them, and their family and friends were also happy. It became a win-win type of situation.

These Romeo and Juliet stories don’t always end well. And let’s face it, if you do date him and lose your family over him. Would you be able to live with yourself if he happens to leave you one day? Because, there is a good chance your family may never take you back! His family will also never treat you right.

Do you want to go to family events and know you are not welcome? Sure, you both could run away and live your own life. That is an option depending on your age and where you are at with your life. But, if the guy is not mature enough to even go up against his dad. Then, I really doubt both of you are ready for a serious relationship that leads to something long term.

I personally don’t agree with your family disowning you or discouraging you from dating him. But, I believe in your situation it’s going to be very difficult to make it work and to make things right. Now, if you can get the families to some how talk and work things out then you have a miracle on your hands.

What ever you decide to do. I wish you the best of luck!