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This week I got an interesting question from someone. So I have an odd question. But I find at many parties I go to or friendly gathering. I some how end up talking to peoples wives. Like today I was invited to a BBQ where I knew my friend and no one else. I took […]
So a huge problem I have noticed is when women state Why they cannot find a decent single guy? And that too when they reject a decent guy that is standing in front of them. Well to start off, I have seen this happen so many times I would be rich if I got a […]
So I got an interesting topic for today on women asking men out. Since this now seems to be a new trend that is starting to take place. What if a woman who you may or may not be attracted to asked you out? Straight up asking you out. not hinting. not telling you to […]
I got an email with a woman who was upset that she was rejected by a guy she really liked a lot. Okay so I told this guy who I have had a crush on for a while now that I liked him and he said sorry I never think about girls now because I […]
This week I got an email from a younger woman, who is having issues with the “call” dating rule. Why is there a ‘rule’ that says we have to wait three days before we can call or text the girl/guy we like? Does it really matter that much? Especially if you like the person/ they […]
So I got an email from someone, who “loves” her boyfriend’s personality, but hates his looks! I just don’t know what to do. My boyfriend is so nice to me and he’s SO sweet, and it just makes me feel like a bitch. He just isn’t that physically appealing. But I like him. I don’t […]
So this week I got an email where a girl felt rejected by her boyfriend because of his friends. I have notice something about my now ex all he cares about is his friends. I told him about it he said he cares about me and he said he hates seeing me mad. But then […]
So today’s post is something pretty much all of us at one point in time have gone through in our life. I got an interesting email from a guy. Have you ever begged your ex to come back to you and if so did you get rejected? I went to my ex’s house unannounced. I […]
So this week I got an email about a girl who had a behavioural question about men and women’s feet. Today, I was in my class and my feet started to feel tired. So I slipped off my shoes. I wanted to put my feet up on the empty chair in front of me by […]
So this week I got an email from a girl, who seems like she is insecure about her height. I am 4’11 and I am curious to know if a 6’5 would ever date me? Well first off the answer is…. it depends! All types of women like different heights, and the same goes for […]