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My ex sent me a friend request, should I accept it?   Hello K3n, My ex sent me a friend request, and he was pretty mean to me at the end of our relationship. He also did a few things that were really hurtful. But, in a weird way, I feel bad about how things […]
I can’t tell my boyfriend I love him, why? Over the last weekend my boyfriend told me that he loves me. And told me that he wanted to say it earlier,  but he felt the timing never seemed right. I wanted to say it back right away, but I froze up and couldn’t find the […]
Should I just start acting different towards him or just leave? Question Hello, I am looking for some advice, and I’m super confused right now!! It all started when My boyfriend lied to me about not having any gas money to visit me. I created a fake Snapchat account and added him awhile back. I […]
his ex girlfriend
I’m dating a guy and I just found out that he just recently broke up from a girl about 3 weeks ago. He asked me out around the same time. He was super depressed when they broke up. I have seen his ex and I feel like crap because she is so good looking! I […]
Do you think it is a mistake to be friends with my ex? We dated for 3 months, broke up about a month ago. We’re just “friends” but still hookup a lot. I also still have feelings for him although he made it clear we will never get back together. Is it a mistake to […]
stay or leave
Should I stay or leave my boyfriend? My boyfriend and I have been together for nearly 7 months now and he has been an awesome boyfriend. He has treated me better than any other guys I have dated. He calls me up every night to talk, he’s very kind and generous, and he takes care […]
Lying to my online boyfriend So I’ve been lying to my online boyfriend. I’ve been lying about where i live, my full name, my social life and i act perfectly happy when i am not i have many issues. Often we will ask each other how our day went. I’ll lie to him telling him […]
So to make things simple and short, back in the day my uncle got into an argument with this guy and the guys family beat up my uncle and then my uncles family beat up that guy. Both families would fight each other, set each other up. It went on for a long time. Recently, […]
Hey, I need some major help! How do men normally act if they’re cheating ? I think my boyfriends might be cheating on me and it’s driving me crazy!!! Any details help? Hey, Miss.IThinkHesCheating, So I decided I’d list some things that you should look for to identify if he might be cheating. Now […]
Man Cheating
He admitted that he cheated on his ex girlfriend once and she broke up with him. He says that he’s changed and would never do that again. I’ve never been cheated on or have cheated on someone so I don’t know the whole situation. I contacted his ex girlfriend on Facebook to know what her […]