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Why do guys only want my body? So I met this other guy 2 weeks ago and I kinda liked him. And in that two weeks we only met 2 days and everyday we meet we have had sex. But the funny part is that everytime we finish having sex he always leaves immediately. I […]
So everybody tells man should back out if girl is not interested. Agreed 100%. But isn’t it also a responsible girl’s responsibility to let the guy know nicely if he doesn’t get it? Why is it so necessary to stick the label of being a nuisance to a guy who just genuinely thought girl is […]
I met this guy online we talked on the phone for about 3 days till we met up on the 4th day. We would talk for hours on the phone, and he gave me so much attention. He would say I’m so sweet, so beautiful and how he wants me to be his girl. So […]
This guy keeps texting me but I’m not interested. What should I do? So this week I got a message from a girl, who doesn’t like this guy and wants to get rid of him. Well women always think rejection is bad or they don’t want to be that “bitch” that rejects men. It makes […]
I’m 14 in November and I’ve never had a boyfriend what am I doing wrong? Okay to start off I have to say… what? are you for real or is this a joke? You are 14 years old, and at a time when having a boyfriend or not shouldn’t even matter. In fact I think […]
So I got a reply from a woman who is having issues with her boyfriend. My boyfriend and his ex – We have been dating for 2 years. Read his phone n found out 6 months ago when he went home he kissed his ex. Bit more detail on that… He broke up with me […]
So this week I got an email from a guy, who is trying to figure out a girl from his college class. Figuring this girl out from college class? I was walking down the hall last class and she was sitting with a few guys from class that I talk to a bit. And, I […]