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What should I do if I can’t get the courage to ask women out? It’s my university gym and the semester is over. Anyway there were these two girls working out and one of them started using the pull machine next to me while I was using the second one. After I was done I […]
Hey K3n! So this guy and me went to the movies Friday night, body language was meh (like he doesn’t show emotion much in person) and i just felt like there wasn’t much of a spark from him i was into him a bit more than i thought… but i was saying to myself, especially […]
Do women hide that they like you? Or will you try and hint to him you’re interested. What do I need to look for when girls are hinting? Well what I learned is there is no 100% fool proof way to know without asking. And even then she might not tell you the truth. So […]
Dating a shy and awkward guy I started dating a guy I used to work with about 6 months ago. We made out at a company event back in February and have been dating ever since. I really like him and enjoy spending time with him. I have been the driver of this relationship since […]
Do girls really take the zodiac signs seriously? I mean does these signs really matter when dating? Personally, I’ve never met many women that actually cared about zodiac signs. Although, yes some of them can be VERY obsessed with them. Then again, that’s just normal in this world. You can’t expect everyone is going to […]
She hugs my friends but not me? I was talking to my male friend and this girl we know was walking past us and he went to give the girl a hug and she hugged him. She past me and just punched/slapped me in the shoulder and I didn’t do anything or say anything to […]
Why don’t girls ever seem to like me. I’m 25 I haven’t had or done anything with a girl. When I say anything, I mean it. No romantic relationship, no kiss, no sex. no dates, nothing. Being single all the time is still really depressing. If I’m honest, more depressing than ever. I’ve cried over […]
Flirting What is the best way to flirt with a girl at school? I’m a really shy guy so it’s hard for me to do something extravagant or anything like that but I’m really into this girl and I want her to realize it. Hey reader! So this week, I get an email from a […]
Hey me and my bf have been together for 9 months and its our first Valentine’s day coming up soon! I want to get him a teddy for a present (probably along with some sexy underwear as well) but need to know whether he would really like that or not? We’re both 21 and I […]