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Can’t get over a girl. What do i do?

So one of our recently new readers sent me a problem he was having.

He posted:

I asked a girl out who was my friend. She said no and I’ve been in a depression ever since. All I wanted was to be with her. Nothings been the same and i dont know how to get past it.

So my advice really is that  you gotta tell yourself that SHE was NOT the girl meant for you. If she was it would have been a yes. What this means is some OTHER SPECIAL girl is going to your girlfriend and come into your life. Till then you have to just realize it wasn’t mean to be.  And, then you move on with life.

I mean girls will come and go, and this goes the same for women. Most people don’t just have a single relationship. The chances are very high that you will end up in many relationships. Think of it as life where sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. It’s the same for relationships, as sometimes they will work and sometimes they simply won’t! That shouldn’t mean that you should quit and give up or feel sorry for yourself. Be a MAN and accept she didn’t want what you wanted and move on. The next girl you ask might want exactly what you want in a relationship.

Also, don’t ever pin on one girl even if you like her a lot. I did it a few times and when the girl says no it crushes you. But, these days I tell myself I TRIED and that’s all I can do. So that’s the attitude you need to walk with everytime you do ask a girl out. Don’t bank on her giving you a yes, because once you make up stuff in your mind it creates fake fantasies. What you want is to be able to go in asking a girl out with no pressure. Now how do you do that? Simply stop caring about the outcome. Go in there and tell yourself you’re going to take a chance. But either way you don’t lose, but rather you win! Either she says yes and you both go out, or she says no and saves you the hassle of having to put time and energy into her.

Now you can look back and say you gave it a shot. Things didn’t go the way you wanted them too, but your luck might be better next time with another girl you end up really liking…

It’s ALL about being postive my friend, because we all like other people around us that are smiling and happy.

So smile, because tomorrow you might run into a new girl and those lovey dovey feelings will start all over again!


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