Can I get him a teddy bear for our first valentines day together?

Hey me and my bf have been together for 9 months and its our first Valentine’s day coming up soon! I want to get him a teddy for a present (probably along with some sexy underwear as well) but need to know whether he would really like that or not? We’re both 21 and I absolutely adore him – he’s kind thoughtful and sensitive – he has teddies from his childhood because he’s very sentimental! He works nights so we don’t see a lot of each other recently so I thought a teddy that smells like me would make a great gift!
Would you like that from your girlfriend on Valentine’s day?

Well to start off.. it all depends on the guy. A macho manly guy will probably think “WTF?”. A guy that is more sentimental like you said or cherishes his gifts and belongs will love it!
Normally though it’s the other way around where the guy gives a teddy and chocolates. Oh, and I don’t know about the sexy underwear? I really feel like the roles are reversed here… He should be getting you some sexy lingerie. Guys like other things, why not get him some cologne?

I personally am more of a present moment kind of guy. So I care more about moments that gifts. I find gifts just become a hassle because you need to top it year after year. But with moments you can have them anywhere and everywhere. A nice dinner by the beach, a trip out on the weekend to some place. The possibilities are endless! Then again you are both 21 so I can see you both being in the gifts and new to this type of phase right now. As you get older you realizes gifts mean less and what means more is spending time with the person.

For a guy who’s 21, I can see this working out fine. So I say go for it since you have planned so hard for it. In the end what matters most to a guy is that the person he cares for went out of her way to do something for him.

Good luck with it all!