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Why can I not find a decent single guy?

So a huge problem I have noticed is when women state Why they cannot find a decent single guy? And that too when they reject a decent guy that is standing in front of them.

Well to start off, I have seen this happen so many times I would be rich if I got a dollar each time I’ve seen this happen. The problem is some women especially at a younger age either don’t know what they want or they create these outrageously high standards in their mind. In fact when I get women complaining about not finding a decent guy the very first thing I say is Bullshit. I ask them to look at the guys that they pass by EVERY day that they might be missing out on. I mean they are literally walking by some guys and if they don’t exist, so I ask that they look around them once again with an open mind. But as I said the age of the woman makes a HUGE difference. I find the more mature the woman is the more she knows of what she wants and that helps out a lot. So if you asked out a girl in her early 20’s and it sounds like it, then I can see why she did what she did. And, that is because she has no effin idea what she wants or what a decent guy is even like.

Another problem is some guys don’t say much or show much to women. So it becomes difficult for the woman to know if the guy has any interest or not. In this case though the guy has asked the girl out and was rejected. Maybe the woman thought he wasn’t a nice guy or her type and that could also be a reason for the rejection. As I always say, if the girl rejects you and then complains about it. Well, then it’s her loss in the end and not yours. I know many women who have rejected a guy only to regret it a few years later. And, that probably is because they went out with a few douchgebags and realized she made a mistake in what she thought was the “right” guy for her. These women usually will try to go back to the guy she rejected only to find him happily with someone else.

As for single women who say they can’t find a decent guy, I should probably give you some advice too. First off write down on a piece of paper what qualities you want in a guy. So that might be intelligent, funny, compassionate, supportive etc.. But list things that are REALISTIC and not the same BS you tell people. Be serious about it! Then use this as a check list each time you meet a guy. Also, date DIFFERENT types of men. Maybe the guy you want is the type you’re not dating. I see women dating guys that are partyholics when they themselves hate to party. So stop chasing 1 type of guy and go for other type too aka Mr.Library dude. He might be the more reserved and calm type that you might want instead of the rowdy type.

Also some men and women think the club is the only place to find people. WRONG, many times people will not find their type in a club. It’s not always true, but I would say the chances are slim. Maybe you are an adventurous person who likes nature a lot. So then you would have a higher chance at finding someone that does the same thing. Maybe join a hiking group, because that’s where you’ll find the type of guy that likes hiking and the outdoors. I hope the point is coming off clear, that all guys are going to be in different places. It’s up to you to figure out where your type of guy would be and where you would find his type. It’s not hard when you have a clear idea of what you want, what interests you have and where you can take part in those interests.

I hope this helps some people out and gives you an insight on better dating.