I think I want to break up with my boyfriend but I’m too scared to. How do I go about it?

I think I want to breakup with my boyfriend but I’m too scared to. How do I go about it?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about my relationship with my boyfriend. I really love him, because I would give him the world and loved him even though he has no job yet,

He is taking up classes at a new college. I’ve never judged him.I’ve paid for him so many times.I never expect anything back. But I’m not getting much out of this relationship. He never does the same things for me.

I don’t know what to do. When we are together I feel happy. But, I also don’t feel appreciated. I’m scared to break up I’m just not getting the same back and he puts any effort into the relationship. Recently, he told me I was the one who motivated him to go back to school. If I break up with him, I feel like he will give up everything and go into depression.

Please help, I don’t know what to do


Thanks for reaching out to us with this question.

First off, I’d advise you sit down and actually talk to him about what is bugging you. Don’t say it’s a breakup or you want to break up. The best step is to explain the situation and see if he understands. Get his view on it too, maybe there is something he or you could be missing in terms of bad communication.

It could also be that he does actually care about you. But doesn’t understand or really realize that he makes you feel that way. Talk to him and give him a chance to fix it, and if he doesn’t then you should approach the breakup discussion.

Now in the case you say, no… I have to break up with him now. You have already decided and just don’t want to be in the relationship anymore. Then, what happens to him with his school, career and job is none of your issues. You move on and he has to deal and figure out his own life. Many people hit rock bottom and come out on top. Sure, some never do, but that’s their life and their choices to make.

You need to live your own life and let him live his without worrying about him. Remember, a break up is just that, no more relationship or interactions with this person. You work on yourself and he works on himself.

Now on the other hand, a break for you both could also help. It gives you both time to think things over and see how you both feel. After that you both get a chance to realize things without each other. If he is really reliant on you for things. He will see it and either will understand he has been relying on you way too much. Or, will still be and act the same as he had always been from day 1. It also gives you a chance to see what life is like without him. Maybe you find that you miss having someone relying on you.

Some women want a man to fix. Some, don’t and want someone that will fix them. And, some will want someone that self reliant, while you also are and become self reliant. But, it’s a good way to take a step back and see how things play out.

Which ever step(s) you take (fix it, breakup other), wishing you the best with everything. Keep your chin up and remember that life and relationships are never easy. But, they can be worthwhile when they work out.