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I’m 14 in November and I’ve never had a boyfriend what am I doing wrong? Okay to start off I have to say… what? are you for real or is this a joke? You are 14 years old, and at a time when having a boyfriend or not shouldn’t even matter. In fact I think […]
So I got a reply from a woman who is having issues with her boyfriend. My boyfriend and his ex – We have been dating for 2 years. Read his phone n found out 6 months ago when he went home he kissed his ex. Bit more detail on that… He broke up with me […]
I noticed this week I got something that I hear about from many guys almost all the time Should I stop being the nice guy so that I get more girls? I hate being a nice guy and most of the people told me i’m not bad looking some said cute and i’m average. nice […]
Girls asking guys out yes or no? So a girl this week asked if Girls asking guys out yes or no? Well to start off almost every guy would say YES!! YES!! oh please YES!!! A lot of men actually find it attractive when a girl for once asks us men out. We get tired […]
So this week I got an email from a guy, who is trying to figure out a girl from his college class. Figuring this girl out from college class? I was walking down the hall last class and she was sitting with a few guys from class that I talk to a bit. And, I […]
This week I got an interesting question from someone. So I have an odd question. But I find at many parties I go to or friendly gathering. I some how end up talking to peoples wives. Like today I was invited to a BBQ where I knew my friend and no one else. I took […]
So a huge problem I have noticed is when women state Why they cannot find a decent single guy? And that too when they reject a decent guy that is standing in front of them. Well to start off, I have seen this happen so many times I would be rich if I got a […]
So I got an interesting topic for today on women asking men out. Since this now seems to be a new trend that is starting to take place. What if a woman who you may or may not be attracted to asked you out? Straight up asking you out. not hinting. not telling you to […]