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Girls Chasing Men
Some say it’s 2016 and you can do whatever you want while some disagree and say that it’s unfeminine to chase after a guy. What are your thoughts on this? I personally think girls should chase guys if they want to and it’s unfair if they expect the guy to do all the work- be […]
Man Cheating
He admitted that he cheated on his ex girlfriend once and she broke up with him. He says that he’s changed and would never do that again. I’ve never been cheated on or have cheated on someone so I don’t know the whole situation. I contacted his ex girlfriend on Facebook to know what her […]
What should I do if I can’t get the courage to ask women out? It’s my university gym and the semester is over. Anyway there were these two girls working out and one of them started using the pull machine next to me while I was using the second one. After I was done I […]
Hey K3n! So this guy and me went to the movies Friday night, body language was meh (like he doesn’t show emotion much in person) and i just felt like there wasn’t much of a spark from him i was into him a bit more than i thought… but i was saying to myself, especially […]
Dating A Guy From Work? Would a guy refrain from asking a girl out because of the workplace? So a lot of people have at one point in time though about dating someone from work. And, it can go both sour or extremely well depending on how things go. From what I’ve seen, I’d stay […]
I went from being a student athlete to being a competitive athlete in the National and Olympic teams. Needless to say my training takes up almost all of my time outside of work and sleep but I do want to find a real long term relationship that leads to something more significant. So I suppose […]
So I wanted to post about a topic this week that I feel gets overlooked a lot. Is dating your best friend a good idea? Some people say it makes perfect sense. Why not date someone you already know really well and have some chemistry with. Others might contradict that by stating that friends and […]
Do women hide that they like you? Or will you try and hint to him you’re interested. What do I need to look for when girls are hinting? Well what I learned is there is no 100% fool proof way to know without asking. And even then she might not tell you the truth. So […]
Dating a shy and awkward guy I started dating a guy I used to work with about 6 months ago. We made out at a company event back in February and have been dating ever since. I really like him and enjoy spending time with him. I have been the driver of this relationship since […]
Do girls really take the zodiac signs seriously? I mean does these signs really matter when dating? Personally, I’ve never met many women that actually cared about zodiac signs. Although, yes some of them can be VERY obsessed with them. Then again, that’s just normal in this world. You can’t expect everyone is going to […]