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Being asked out by a Woman?

So I got an interesting topic for today on women asking men out. Since this now seems to be a new trend that is starting to take place.

What if a woman who you may or may not be attracted to asked you out? Straight up asking you out.
not hinting.
not telling you to ask her out.
not giving you her phone # .
not shoving her breasts in your face.

just a Woman you are otherwise attracted to, who is totally comfortable in her nature directly asking you on a date.

honestly, would she get rejected, or the guy lose interest because the woman asks him out?

Well to start off women are emerging quite well now in just about everything. Before they couldn’t vote, own property, become managers and yes, not even ask a man out. Well all of that has changed now and women are starting to take some control back.

I think it’s a great thing that women ask men out, as it seems like men have started to really stop or not care as much. Stats show that 80% of men will not ask a girl out even if they like her. That means if 10 guys are standing in a line at the bar. Only 2 of them will possibly ask you out and the rest of the 8 will stand around staring. So what’s this mean then? well, I think it means women SHOULD go out and make a move too.

Men want a woman who can also take the lead from time to time. And no man wants to ask a girl out these days because they get rejected a lot. Check out my post on women rejecting men here –>

What this does for men is that it let’s us know the girl is interested and so we then make a effort. Most guys just get tired of asking women out and getting shot down. And, I think that’s why a lot of men just don’t ask women out as much anymore. Online dating has also changed things, but I personally find it’s only good to some extent.

So is being asked out by a woman bad? I think it depends mostly on the guy they are interested in. Some men don’t mind if the girl asks them out. Probably makes it easier for men, but that way at least they know she is interested. So a guy might take control from there and start to lead. That is once he knows she is interested or at least hints that she wants to meet him or hang out. And by lead, I mean after she asks him out. He would then ask her out if it goes well. So it wouldn’t always have to be her chasing after the guy. It would also be him taking the lead and showing her that he is interested too.

Personally, I am more about sharing, but some women don’t like that. So in this case I’d take the lead, and if I notice she wants to too. Then I’d be willing to let her lead half the time too. It also depends on how open and mature the guy is too. If he’s immature or not very open, then allowing a woman to lead would be odd for him. Some men have power struggles, they want to dominate. I mean in nature men were always dominant and women were submissive. So I think a lot of men still have that dominate feeling in them, though I know many women have that submissive feeling too.

But in the end, I think we can all say that things are changing fast. And the dating world has changed a lot in the past 20 or so years. There is nothing wrong with women asking men out, and I think more women should be taking the approach to do so more often. A lot of men will appreciate it and especially the shy or reserved men, who don’t always go for it at times.

So women… time for you to go out there and ask some more men out!

My challenge for you women is to at least ask out 1 man once in your life.