I can’t tell my boyfriend I love him, why?

I can’t tell my boyfriend I love him, why?

Over the last weekend my boyfriend told me that he loves me. And told me that he wanted to say it earlier,  but he felt the timing never seemed right. I wanted to say it back right away, but I froze up and couldn’t find the right words. I just stared back in silence!  Since then I haven’t said it once to him. I’ve tried finding the right time and the right words,  but nothing comes out and I don’t know why. I’m so confused!?

I care a lot about him and I do love being with him. He makes me super happy and I love our relationship. So why can’t I tell him that I love him?

K3N’s Reply

Well Miss, ICan’tTellHimILoveHim,

I got some news for you. Don’t stress out about it. The more it bugs you, the more pressure you place on yourself. Instead of thinking about it and worrying about the exact perfect time. Just let it go and know that whenever that perfect time comes out, and it will sooner or later. You’ll just naturally say it and let it out without the extra pressure. The other issue that I see could be that you really don’t love him, or at least not yet? You didn’t state how long it’s been since you two have been dating. But, maybe it’s just too early for you and you need more time.